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SHARE STUDY HUB is pioneer in the field of education. With an auspicious objective of disseminating knowledge, the group is committed to provide quality service to the widest education spectrum in form of A Study Hub for Analysis, Research and Evaluation. People from education, media and other industries, not from country but also from other parts of globe are contributing at their best to achieve the noble objective of the group. Besides teaching and training, Share Study Hub is working in research area also. To ensure better practice in academics and research area, the group is publishing the following journals:

SHARE Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Studies
(ISSN: 0976-4712)

Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
(ISSN: 2229-5003)

The group is registered with the Department of Industries, Govt of Rajasthan. The journey is lead by Mrs. Simple S.

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